Hypnosis To Cure Insomnia

Hypnosis to cure insomnia – it really works!

swansea hypnosis for insomnia

Approximately 1 in 4 people suffer from insomnia, which is a disturbance of the sleep pattern. A disrupted sleeping pattern can really affect our day to day lives as it can leave you feeling fatigued and unable to think clearly.

There are many causes of insomnia such as :

  • A change to your sleeping environment
  • Physical problems or illnesses causing pain or discomfort
  • Mental health problems such as anxiety/depression
  • Stress about work, finances, relationships etc.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine, medicine etc.


How to combat insomnia

swansea hypnosis to cure insomnia

To enable yourself to sleep better try establishing a regular sleeping pattern. Don’t take naps throughout the day. Do not eat too late at night and try to avoid consuming caffeine late in the day. Also try exercising lightly in the evening to wear yourself out a little. Meditation or Yoga can be great for calming the body and mind, preparing you for a good sleep.


Hypnosis for Insomnia

Hypnosis can be a highly effective cure for insomnia, both in the short term and long term. It will put you into a deeply relaxed state to enable you to fall asleep a lot easier. It can also help you to identify the cause of your insomnia, allowing you to make the changes in you life to overcome it permanently.

Hypnotherapy changes the way you think. A common cause of insomnia is simply believing that you will not be able to sleep. A hypnosis session can essentially re-programme your brain so that you can always expect and look forward to a good nights sleep.

Caradie has produced a powerful and deeply relaxing MP3 session which you may find is all you need to cure your insomnia for good. You can listen to a sample in the Youtube video below.

The full MP3 can be purchased from the homepage along with a wide range of other hypnosis sessions to help you improve your quality of life.

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