10 Ways To Reduce Stress

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What is Stress?

Stress is something all of us experience, but how you deal with it is what makes the difference to your quality of life. It’s important to understand that the root cause of stress is fear. Fear of losing something, such as your loved ones, your job, your house, your possessions etc. Fear of having to do something you don’t like that makes you anxious. Fear of not being accepted, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of not being able to pay your bills, fear of growing old, fear of dying…the list goes on. Combine a bunch of these and it’s no wonder our stress levels are through the roof.

How To Reduce Stress

No matter how under pressure you feel, there are ways to reduce stress and feel more relaxed in general. Firstly, it does help to learn not to feel so attached to things. Whether it’s your relationship, your job/career, your standard of living, or even your appearance, it’s inevitable that all of these things will eventually change, for better or for worse. And quite often we have very little control over the outcome, certainly not as much as we like to think we do. By learning to accept that all things will at some point change you will be more prepared for the unknown and will worry less.

Also try to focus on the positives in all situations. Take a look around you and be grateful for what you have. We often create a whole set of unnecessary problems due to wanting things to be a certain way. But we often overlook the fact that on the whole, things are actually going pretty well. Spend some time each day looking at the big picture and being grateful for the good things in your life. This kind of analysis will also highlight things that really need to be changed, so make sure you take steps towards making these changes.


10 Practical Tips To Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is something we need to practice at and can take some time to get good at. However, here are 10 practical tips you can try out to reduce stress on a more immediate basis.

1. Go For A Walk

Spending too much time indoors, whether it’s your home or your workplace, is not natural and not healthy for us. When possible take a break from things and go for a walk outside, ideally somewhere peaceful.

2. Breathe Deep.

Breathing deeply has been proven to reduce cortisol levels, which in turn reduces stress & anxiety. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, take 5 minutes breathing slowly and deeply (right down into your abdomen until your lungs are full) and then slowly exhale.

3. Meditate

Learning to silence the mind is a great way to reduce stress. Try and get into the habit of meditating daily, even just 10 minutes to begin with and over time you will notice the difference.

4. Exercise

Even with a busy lifestyle it is important to find time for exercise. The rush of endorphins will instantly reduce your stress levels and leave you feeling refreshed.

5. Spark Some Scents

Aromatherapy is a great way to combat stress, so try lighting some scented candles or oils. Lavender in particular has great relaxing qualities.

6. Take A Nap

Research has shown that sleep reduces cortisol levels, so don’t feel guilty about putting everything to one side and taking a nap from time to time.

7. Get A Pet

Scientific studies have shown that dog owners are less stressed. Spending time playing with animals is a great way to take your mind off of things.

8. Get Creative

Set aside some time for working on arts, crafts, music, writing, or whatever your passion is. Focusing the mind and channelling your creative energy into something you love has great benefits.

9. Socialize

Being around people we love can really give us a boost. Surround yourself with positive people and find fun things to do to bring some novelty into your life.

10. Listen To Music

Studies show that listening to music lowers blood pressure and reduces stress hormones. Find time to relax and listen to the music you love.

Hypnosis To Reduce Stress

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool when it comes to reducing stress. Caradie James has recorded an audio session titled “Stress Release”, which has been carefully designed to put you in a deeply relaxed state. From here, the root causes of your stress can be dealt with, enabling you to live a more peaceful life.

Caradie’s full range of hypnosis MP3 sessions are available on the homepage.

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